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This page utilizes the work by Kiyoshi IKEHARA.

For more in-depth information, you can visit Michael Robinson's new site.

For all you screenshot wh0res, I'll be taking pics shortly ;).

All these parts can be purchased through Digi-Key. A few (like the sockets) can be found at a RadioShack, assuming they haven't gotten rid of all their stock.

Qty Name Digi-Key Part # Link
1 Xilinx XC95108-15 (PLCC 84pin) 122-1175-ND Digi-Key
2 74ALS245 296-1492-5-ND Digi-Key
2 ISA Slots EDC395982-ND Digi-Key
1 25x2 pin header (DC interface) A26282-ND Digi-Key
1 20x2 pin header (IDE interface) A26280-ND Digi-Key
1 84 pin PLCC socket AE7338-ND Digi-Key
2 20 pin IC socket A9420-ND Digi-Key

Programming The Xilinx Chip
Unless you have a hardware programmer and adapter already for Xilinx 84pin PLCC chips, you have three choices. You can:

Considering a brand new programmer (HW-130) can run you $800+, and people seldom sell theirs on ebay, your best bet is probably to mail me your chip and e-mail me the code you want programmed onto it. Then I'll simply mail the thing back to you. I offer this service because I know this step can be a huge PITA compared to the rest. I only ask you pay for shipping fees :). Contact info:
Mike Frysinger 
223 Bailey Road
Holden MA USA, 01520
Phone: 508.847.7488
If you call me, please consider the fact that I live in the EST zone. For the current time, visit this site (it should give you info on the city 'Worcester').

Building The Board
Coming Soon !

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